A biography of henry louis gehrig a baseball player

Held the record for most consecutive games played until September ofwhen Cal Ripken broke it. Then, after the season, Gehrig and Ruth accompanied a group of players on a trip to Japan to play baseball.

Lou Gehrig Biography

Personality-wise, the two star players, who batted third Ruth and fourth Gehrig in the lineup, were polar opposites. He was the second of four children of German immigrantsChristina Foch — and Heinrich Gehrig — Before his first semester began, New York Giants manager John McGraw advised him to play summer professional baseball under an assumed name, Henry Lewis, despite the fact that it could jeopardize his collegiate sports eligibility.

The maker of a rival cereal, Huskies, later paid Gehrig to terminate his deal with Wheaties and shill for its brand instead.

The Life of Lou Gehrig

On June 2,he passed away in his sleep at his house in Nyc. His hard-charging career appeared to have caught up with him as his body began to fail him. Visit Website He was the first athlete to appear on a box of Wheaties.

Early life[ edit ] Gehrig was born in at East 94th Street [13] in the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan ; [14] he weighed almost 14 pounds 6.

On June 3, Lou hit 4 home runs in a game, perhaps the greatest and rarest batting achievement in a game there is. Ruth, the oldest of the pair by eight years, was larger than life and loved carousing, while Gehrig was quiet and straitlaced.

On the eve of his 2,th consecutive game inEleanor suggested that Lou was getting compulsive about the streak and advised him to end his career at 1, games. Babe Ruth had He was nicknamed as the Iron Horse and won the home baseball prestigious Triple Crown with a record of 49 home runs.

Gehrig was named in the baseball Hall of Fame in Gehrig had six seasons where he batted. Known as the Iron Horse for his durability, Gehrig set a record of playing in 2, consecutive games, which would only be broken in September by Cal Ripken, Jr.

The change proved to be no little issue. However, thrilled with the publicity it had received, the company said no. He died at the young age of 37 due to ALS in Soon afterward, he visited the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where doctors diagnosed him with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS.

Led American League in Batting Average. No one knew it at the time, but he likely was showing signs of the incurable disease that eventually would kill him.

Gehrig was visibly shaken as he stepped back from the microphone, and wiped the tears away from his face with his handkerchief. While the concussion did happen, it would be months later before he was benched in favor of Lou Gerhig.

The game was a portrait of what was to come: As of December 26,the first-mentioned plaque is not present due to ongoing construction. He along with Baseball icon, Babe Ruth formed a formed a formidable in power hitting combination.

In the spring ofhis performance continued to deteriorate and he was clumsy and weak.

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Murphy said, "Nice play, Lou. When Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs spotted the outfit, he telegrammed Gehrig, "I want to congratulate you on being a swell first baseman. After describing Gehrig as "the finest example of a ballplayer, sportsman, and citizen that baseball has ever known", McCarthy could stand it no longer.

On July 28,11 other deceased players and he, including Rogers Hornsbyreceived a special tribute during the induction ceremony, held during "Hall of Fame Induction Weekend", July 26—29 in Cooperstown, New York.

After his baseball career ended, he worked with prison inmates.

Lou Gehrig

It was hailing, the streets were slippery and I was having a tough time of it. For the next 14 years, Lou did not miss a single game.Henry Louis Gehrig or famously known as Lou Gehrig was an American baseball first baseman who played his entire career for Major League Baseball team, New York Yankees.

He made his MLB debut in and played until Ludwig Heinrich (most sources say Henry Louis) Gehrig Biography: Hall of Fame baseball player Lou Gehrig was born in New York in Within the next 15 years he directed the team to six World Series titles and place the mark for most consecutive games played.

He retired in after becoming diagnosed with ALS. Born Henry Louis Gehrig in New York City on June 19,the future sports icon was the son of German immigrants.

His father and mother each arrived in America as young adults then met and married in New York City. Lou Gehrig, in full Henry Louis Gehrig, original name Ludwig Heinrich Gehrig, byname the Iron Horse, (born June 19,New York, New York, U.S.—died June 2,New York City), one of the most durable players in American professional baseball and one of.

Henry Louis Gehrig was born in the Yorkville section of Manhattan, New York City on June 19, His parents, Heinrich and Christina Gehrig, were German immigrants. Of their four children, Lou was the only one who survived to adulthood. Growing up as a mama's boy, Lou lived with his parents until he married at the age of He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame inshortly after his retirement, and he was the first baseball player to have his number (4) retired.

Born Heinrich Ludwig (Henry Louis) Gehrig in New York City to poor German immigrants, he was the only one of four children to survive to adulthood.

A biography of henry louis gehrig a baseball player
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