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Unlike the rest of the course this unit is entirely based on coursework submitted in May. The classic waterfall model Your project involves making a complex programming project that will likely involve data processing, and then writing a report about it.

A-level Computing/AQA

Realistic appraisal of the feasibility of potential solutions ii. This year my 5 students have created games in Android to different levels of complexity some have been human-vs-human whereas others have created multiple levels of artificial intelligence.

Description of measures planned for system security vi. System Maintenance The following subsections are also no longer required: In the past we have had physics visualisation simulations, cafe queuing simulations, learning games where the learning part is loose so fits the requirement of having an end user but allows them to make a cool game, gui logic circuit design tools and A level maths helpers for example one that plots stem and leaf diagrams.

Identification of storage media iv. As such anyone on the current specification will not need to do the following documentation: Read this and make sure you understand it thoroughly. There is guidance to the complexity on the regular AQA web site.

This is great because if you work hard enough then you can make sure you get some really good marks, you have access to the mark scheme after all! AQA detail the difference for different types of projects eg.


It is based not on the analysis but the solution. A couple of my year 12s have already come up with some ideas.

Heavy use of OOP, programming their own classes, using inheritance, run time object creation etc.

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Over the course of the project you will be creating a report. This is really important and lots of people spend so much time coding that they forget to complete the write up.

There are many other forms of system development out there and you might find yourself completing sections of the course not necessarily in the order given, the important thing is that you make it a cohesive whole and complete everything. It is difficult to identify project complexity early on so you really do need to know what makes a complex problem to help you identify it.

I follow pretty much the same guidance. They all have to code it make heavy use of OOP. When they come back after the exams, I am going to split my time with them between starting COMP4 and creating a maze game in Android.

A-level Computing/AQA/The Computing Practical Project

Or you can have them make a stock system for a shop Description of measures planned for security and integrity of data v. Justification of chosen solution iii. Overall test strategy This chapter aims to give you the skills to complete your A2 Computing project.Welcome to killarney10mile.com where you can find free resources and revision material for AS Level and A2 Level Computing courses.

We have topic explanations, a coursework guide, past papers and even a forum where you can get help with your coursework or ask questions about topics you don’t understand. This site was.

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Apr 24,  · AQA A Level Computer Science Coursework Demo AQA GCSE Computer Science June Cambridge GCSE Computing Online 63, views. Computer Science Final Year.

AQA A level computing comp4 project

Other assessment resources. Exampro: searchable past paper questions, marks and examiner comments ; Paper 2 - Assembly language instruction set ( KB) A-level.

Computing practical project (A-level): Candidate record form ( KB) AQA is not responsible for the content of external sites. A-level Computing/AQA/The Computing Practical Project. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world This chapter aims to give you the skills to complete your A2 Computing project.

Unlike the rest of the course this unit is entirely based on coursework submitted in May. This is great because if you work hard enough then you can make.

A-LEVEL COMPUTING, ICT & APPLIED ICT COURSEWORK GUIDANCE WORKBOOKS () ILLUSTRATED CONTENTS The guidance is divided according to the syllabus number, with the order organised to aid AQA A2 Level Computing (Syllabus ) A2 Unit 4 – COMP4 (The Computing Practical Project) £ May 19,  · AQA A level computing comp4 project.

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by coleman01, May 16, coleman Under the secure key materials section>A-level>Computing>Coursework> You'll find the list of project titles (with descriptions) that were submitted last year.

A2 this year I have 20 students ranging .

A2 aqa computing coursework
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