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People, just like fingers, are different from each other. Click here to learn more. Some students fail courses in higher institution because they do not have the ability, some never achieved in that particular profession because at the beginning they copied others.

The gap can be bridged. I believe in being treated with Equality and that it is one of the most important aspects of human life. For team to reached their goals or to win, members need to work as one just like the finger. But in a company where all workers have different creativity, ability, knowledge and responsibility will be successful because workers will have different method of doing things, different style, ideas ,thought and responsibility.

Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal Essay Sample

Unfortunately, today in 7th grade the Golden Rule does not exist. For a football team to win medals or award, is shows that each prayer of the team as work as one and has done their responsibility well.

Written and submitted by- Oki Peter. For any population or trait, there will some exceptionally endowed with that trait and some who are lacking. Click here to read her essay. Sign up for our free, weekly podcast of featured essays. The result of the rules at our school is that everyone in our community feels welcome, comfortable, and right about themselves.

Also, as an advocate for the consumers, I will provide arguments concerning the reasons as to why I do not believe that some industries are unfairly targeted, such as in the case with the fast food industry.

The best interests of most companies, for example those in the fast food industry, include maximizing profitability by increasing sales Forschler, Fingers are not equal, but still each has a role which is playing, that is fingers need each other so that they can be useful and that activities can be done.

No matter the position we are or find ourselves in the world, we are there for a purpose. Teams can be successful when members work as one and not despising each other, individual of student can achieve or be successful when only they know their ability and going for it.

No matter the position we are, everyone still needs each other just like the fingers, parents should stop forcing their children to study a particular course because achievement can be gotten from any profession.

Imagine in a company where all workers have same creativity, ability, knowledge and responsibility, such company will never be successful because all workers will always share same ideas, thoughts and knowledge.

However, I believe that if you follow the Golden Rule anyone has the ability to be happy. Being PC and calling everything equal when it is not encourages mediocrity. Why should you make fun of people because they are unlike you?

What makes them inferior to you? Impediments to Trade in Services: With the description of the fingers, for team to be successful, members of team should not despise each other because every position of each member in a team matters a lot just like the finger, which every position for each finger matter a lot.

When we were on the verge of fights between each other we could stick together by just mentioning the Golden Rule. Maximum words Submit Everyone should have equal rights to a peaceful existence and protection under the law but people are not equal.

Discuss if you believe it is possible for a company to cater to both its best interest and that of the consumer conjointly or if one always has to prevail.

Such that good handwriting, good artwork, feeding, carrying and lifting of load, gripping, producing of good musical instrument and other activities done by our hands may not be possible. For instance, they should focus their attention on products whose benefits to their health outweighs the harm as described by Forschler University of Chicago Press.

All People are Created Equal

Individuals can deviate from the population but on average, by its very definition they do not. People are definitely not equal in accomplishments and those who accomplish should be recognized. It is unacceptable to treat anyone in our middle school community with disrespect, and if you do disrespect anyone in or school there will be consequences.

They deserve the same sort of treatment that you deserve. Become an advocate for either the consumer or the industry. Prosapio called on an old family saying that gave her the strength to get through hard times.

Place your order With the description of the fingers, any organization, country, society or community which tend to be successful or move forward.All Men are Not Created Equal Since the beginnings of our nation’s it has been implied that all people should be viewed as equals but the question is, are.

Created Equal Scholar Essays The National Endowment for the Humanities and the Gilder Lehrman Institute invited four distinguished scholars to write brief essays related to each of the documentaries.

These essays explore the larger themes and questions at the heart of each film and can serve as a guide in creating public programs. [tabs]. Essay about All Men Are Equal in Court, or Not? - People would like to be able to believe that the statement “All men are created equal in our court system” is true, but sadly this statement is not true in many different cases.

Assignment 1 Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal 1 1 Essay Words | 3 Pages Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal Name Professor Course Date In the modern day global economy characterized by free trade, the government has limited power when it comes to influencing how consumers view an industry or even discriminate against.

All People are Created Equal. Charles - St.

Louis, Missouri. Entered on May 15, In a time when all men and women were not created equal, when Americans did not all have certain unalienable rights, and many were not happy, many Americans wanted it to be possible for all Americans to be entitled to the rights made by our founding.

Surprisingly enough the phrase "all men are created equal with certain inalienable rights" did not mean what it does today. The nation was divided on the issue of slavery and the rights of the black man in its early stages as a growing republic.

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All are not equal essay
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