An essay on the story of amos in the bible

Both kingdoms were enjoying great prosperity and had reached new political and military heights cf. The God of Israel, the Lord of history, would not abandon his chosen people or his chosen program of redemption.

Since Amos was a contemporary of Hosea and Jonahsee Introductions to those books. It is certain that Isaiah knew his book, for he follows and even imitates him in his early speeches compare Amos, v.

The unthinkable was about to happen: The God for whom Amos speaks is God of more than merely Israel. In one of them, Amos sees a man with a plumb line measuring a wall that is about to fall.

YHWH, God of justice, demands right living not oblations. But for Amos, Yahweh is not subject to these limitations. He also uses one nation against another to carry out his purposes 6: Oxford University Press, One function of the priests was to ensure that these activities were maintained; Amos insists that these rituals are worthless and should be abolished entirely.

Israel had a unique, but not an exclusive, claim on God. The book brings his prophecies together in a carefully organized form intended to be read as a unit.

Analysis The prophecies of Amos mark an important point in the development of the religion of the Old Testament. The house of David would again rule over Israel -- even extend its rule over many nations -- and Israel would once more be secure in the promised land, feasting on wine and fruit 9: Israel at the time was politically secure and spiritually smug.

In fact, the Lord had a glorious future for his people, beyond the impending judgment.

Book of Amos

Theological Theme and Message The dominant theme is clearly stated in 5: The luxurious homes of the rich will be spoiled, the women who have spent their time in idleness and pleasure will be dragged away into exile, and the entire country will be laid waste, a point about which Amos is especially emphatic.

He earned his living from the flock and the sycamore-fig grove 1: If they could not hear his messages, they could read them, and if his contemporaries refused to do so, following generations might still profit by them.

The Prophet Amos

He was not a man of the court like Isaiah, or a member of a priestly family like Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Many availed themselves of the throngs which attended the sacred festivals to indulge in immoderate enjoyment and tumultuous revelry.The story of the Jewish People over 3, years.

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Mitchell includes introductory studies on Amos the historical person, the date of his writing, and the composition of the biblical book.

The bulk of Thomas’ study is a critical commentary on his translation of Amos. Mitchell also includes studies on Amos’ place in the Bible and alongside other prophetic literature in the Bible.

Free Essay: The Prophet Amos Amos is recognized as the first of the Israelite prophets whose words were recorded on a scroll. tells the story of a strong-willed woman whose faith and intellect brought her about to play a major role in early New England Puritan life. and other gods.

Old Testament of the Bible

The Bible refers to prophets of Yahweh, Baal, and other. Amos is the first prophet whose name also serves as the title of the corresponding biblical book in which his story is found.

The prophet’s name means “burden-bearer” or “load-carrier.” The prophet’s name means “burden-bearer” or “load-carrier.”. The prophet Amos lived among a group of shepherds in Tekoa, a small town approximately ten miles south of Jerusalem.

Amos made clear in his writings that he did not come from a family of prophets, nor did he even consider himself one.

An essay on the story of amos in the bible
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