Are friends the new family

These young people prioritise friendship and, she argues, their experience of communal living may well be leading to "long-lasting significant ties of intimacy among friends".

Jools, a year-woman from an ex-mining town, spoke for many when she said: When he broke up with his girlfriend, his greatest confidant was his best friend. If you live with your children and visit your lover then you are living in a "Lat" relationship - living apart together.

This rapidly growing trend has even been given a name to help sociologists keep an eye on it. Shake a kaleidoscope and we see not broken pieces but a new pattern, just as clear, just as strong, just as regular - but different.

It seems that the mosaic of social life is more robust than the doom-sayers suggest. Find activities to do together that everyone enjoys.

Friends are the new family

In or outside heterosexual couples, the people we interviewed were turning to friends for emotional support. The research also found that a great deal of effort and thought went into maintaining ties.

But in reality it is a very unusual family which consists of one unsupported parent and children, with no other emotional ties, and those who live alone are not necessarily lonely. If family get-togethers are difficult, keep them short and as free of stress as possible.

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Of course, there are those who will mutter that Christmas should be about the life of the spirit - not the shopping trolley - but gift-giving is symbolic of more than our bank balance. A whopping 88 per cent of Australians nominate friendships as the most important relationships in their life, according to a Relationships Australia survey.

Spend time in groups of people that work well together. Now in Melbourne, Inchy has established a small circle of friends and goes out with the girls once a week. Statistical trends are a joy for journalists - so easy to summarise.

And, though the statistics say we are an increasingly individuated society - living alone and looking after number one - the Christmas spending figures say that we care about our connections and are prepared to spend money, as well as time and love, on maintaining them.

It is also a way of saying thank you, or I love you, or just acknowledging a bond. With two out of five marriages ending in divorce it is clearly risky to put all our emotional eggs in the marital basket.

Other researchers have noticed something similar happening among growing numbers of older people, often divorced parents, who choose to centre their lives on their children and friendship networks, and keep their romantic lives separate.

We can see that only one in four of the population live in heterosexual, two-parent families, and we can conclude that the rest will be spending Christmas day sobbing into the sprouts assuming they can afford sprouts.

Share via Email Christmas is coming. Mummy, Daddy and the children will soon be sitting around the tree with their presents while the turkey roasts - and, of course, there will be snow. In the New Statesman this week, she writes: Indeed it is beginning to look rather more like a kaleidoscope.Rather than settle down into traditional families, he and his friends have formed an Urban Tribe-an intricate community of young people who live and work together in various combinations, form regular rituals, and provide the same kind of 4/5(1).

Friends were the new family. “Friends” became a cultural phenomenon: it inspired a hairdo, created a hit song, spawned myriad catchphrases and made all six of its cast members very, very wealthy.

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“My friends are the sisters I. Friends of the Family provides advocacy services for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking and homelessness. Feb 21,  · Official Music Video - Friends Are Family Artist: Oh, Hush!

feat. Will Arnett and Jeff Lewis Album: The Lego Batman:. Rebecca, like Lesley Manville's character in Real Women, has recently decided to tell close friends about a new gay relationship.

Telling friends first, she says, made it easier to talk about it with her family.

Are friends the new family
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