Bachelor thesis mergers and acquisitions

However, the high level of formalization detains change. Therefore, this model will be described in further detail and be used from here on.

According to Epsteinacquisitions are said to be a much simpler process compared to mergers, due to the fact that there is in most cases a clear Bachelor thesis mergers and acquisitions as to which company gives direction namely the buying company.

Besides these two factors there are environmental forces encouraging consolidation, which will be ob in section 3.

One of the greatest challenges in a merger or an acquisition is aligning the company culture of the merging partners before, during and after the merger.

The number of transactions in from deals in to almost in and there is a strong increase espe in the last two years of the decade see detailed figures in Table 2 in the Annex.

There is a considerable variety of possible definitions of culture. An acquisition can be either friendly or hostile, depending on how it is perceived by shareholders of the acquired company Gertsen, Soderberg, Torp; There are a variety of ways to measure organizational culture in a comparable way.

What is more is that such an organization is well prepared for changing circumstances — short communication channels and decentralized control enable a prompt and adequate reaction to a change in the external environment Harrison, In this case, the other company is active in the same industry or distributing similar products, however in a completely different market.

Most important factors in successful integration Figure 4: Even though the two alternatives are the result of legally different transactions, they share a lot of issues when it comes to cultural dimensions and cultural integration within the newly formed company.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in the Banking Sector

Project teams within existing organizations are often characterized by a task oriented culture. In order to successfully change organizational culture, or blend in two different cultures, one first has to gain a deep understanding of the concept of culture.

The Role of Company Culture in Mergers and Acquisitions

The different types of company culture are analysed regarding their mutual compatibility. For the definition of the terms, the size of the companies and the circumstances are irrelevant Epstein, In all top five banks were from Japan total assets in million USD in brackets: The reason for this phenomenon is that small institutions outnumber large ones by far in the EU.

Moreover, low morale and dissatisfaction among workers are often ubiquitous, leading to the company not fulfilling its potential Cartwright, Cooper, Smaller countries tend to have a higher level of concentration than larger ones.

Culture in this sense is a system of collectively held values. Power orientation can be further differentiated into patriarchal power cultures and autocratic cultures: Consequently, the questions that are posed and investigated in this thesis are: Measured by total assets of the five largest credit institutions as a percentage of total assets per country, three groups can be observed: The commitment to and the challenge the task proposes energizes and boosts the individual team members.

If one compares the largest banks of the world in with those at the end of it is obvious to see that many changes have happened in recent years:Master Thesis Finance – A.A. Voesenek – The effects of mergers and acquisitions on firm performance 6 are an exception and are one of the few researchers who made an international comparison to expose the different M&A effects in countries all over the world.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in the Banking Sector - Matthias Schubert - Term Paper - Business economics - Investment and Finance - Publish your bachelor's or. i Bachelor Thesis in Finance Title: Mergers & Acquisitions – Abnormal returns in the pharmaceutical industry Authors: Erik Stålstedt & Jens Eriksson.

BUSINESS VALUATION AND PRICING IN MERGER AND ACQUISITION CONTEXT Case study: Intel - Altera Degree Programme in International Business NGUYEN, TUAN VIET: Company valuation and pricing in merger and acquisition Bachelor’s Thesis in International Business, 82 pages, 19 pages of appendices 2 MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Bachelor Thesis Organization & Strategy Mergers & acquisitions: The role of managerial communication in the relationship between a changing corporate culture and organizational commitment.

2 Management summary Research shows that mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have a.

Bachelor Thesis Mergers and Acquisitions Shareholder wealth effects of mergers and acquisitions in Dutch takeover bidsSupervisor: Philipp Geiler.

Bachelor thesis mergers and acquisitions
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