Balanced scorecard and strategic analysis of southwest airlines essay

Susan Johnson, President of Futura Industries, formulated that great people and employee loyalty are a priority for the company. Southwest Airlines want employees to have fun will being committed and hardworking. These objectives are mutually supportive in that they are both heavily impacted by the speed at which their flights are turned around on the ground.

The low-fare carrier labor advantage is in much more flexible work rules that allow cross-utilization of virtually all employees except where disallowed by licensing and safety standards. Employees have means to air grievances within the company, and the other will answer to those charges.


Organizational culture is the shared values among organizational members Mathis and Jackson, Launched Balanced scorecard and strategic analysis of southwest airlines essayticketless travel was first introduced by Southwest.

By doing so more flights will be on time, which will increase revenue, and each plane will be spending more productive time in the air, which reduces cost and air fares. Southwest is more about fun, convenience, and speed. Southwest Airlines Leadership Southwest airlines, a company that is known to have strong employee relationships, believes that the happier an employee the better productivity they will have.

This effect was reached by introducing a number of work-life initiatives and establishing a relation between performance and employee compensation. After the Balanced Scorecard is complete most companies tie budgets and compensation plans to it and then establish it as the basis of their monthly management meetings.

Since employees are made to feel important, they are eager to go above and beyond on Issues that matter such as customer satisfaction. More specifically, human resource managers must hire individuals who fit with the culture and exhibit the cultural characteristics that the company wants to advance.

Price wars and revolution In this case the company should delayed flights, as a consequence its revenue will decrease. The external threats to Southwest Airlines consist of new competitors. It means that from the top to bottom everyone does whatever he or she can to satisfy the customer. This includes Herb Kelleher, who has been known for helping out baggage handlers on Thanksgiving.

When computerized reservation systems and ticketless travel were introduced, it was done so as a cost-savings tool. It is important for employees to feel valued so they do not feel as though they are lost working in a large organization. How many make funnies on board the plane?

The goal setting theory would be effective because people would have clear and set goals to accomplish. Carriers like Southwest have a tremendous cost advantage over network airlines simply because their workforce generates more output per employee.

They have outfoxed competitors, such as when they bought up gate spaces in Little Rock before the competition could get there.

Point-to-Point Service Southwest operates its flight point-to-point service to maximize its operational efficiency and stay cost-effective. So employees worked as a team not individually, which lead them to focus on the quality of their services.

Southwest Airlines Essay Sample

Power such as coercive power will only hurt communication within an organization. Employee satisfaction and motivation are not the only metrics used for measuring learning and growth.

One common example involved having over-dressed interviewees change into Bermuda shorts. It gives choices to managers and motivations to employees.

Organizational Commitment and Communication: Companies often focus on measuring internal effectiveness and financial performance, but the other two quadrants of balanced scorecard method — learning and growth and customer satisfaction — are equally important.

Other businesses might attempt a large, lump-sum investment to start a multi-market venture. The state of the industry also suggests that airlines that are hedged have a competitive advantage over the non-hedging airlines. This is a process of empowering the employee and then monitoring how the employee performs with customers.

In one exercise, applicants give presentations to other applicants, about themselves. Second, it is the only airline to have consistent profitability for over 30 years. Lack of online presence: Talented individuals know who to work for, in the interest of career potential.

Southwest is not crazy about paperwork. Southwest invests heavily in fuel futures, locking in fuel prices in advance, so as not to suffer shock during summer highs or following terrorist attacks.

The balanced scorecard approach Essay

Having a strong client relationship will ever be the success or failure for the division. They would also loose money in the financing activities. Most employees are familiar with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that hiring managers use to match prospective employees with the technical requirements of a job.

If not in dealing with customers, then in business practices they are encouraged to act like they own the place.Mar 08,  · Career Development Plan- Job Analysis Selection Explain your Job analysis info Job analysis is fundamental for creating a better work atmosphere.

Job analysis information is important for creating a human resource for any organization. The Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map combination is an increasingly popular strategic toolset for turning strategies into executable realities.

Just as significantly, Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map approaches can directly assist in boosting individual productivity by providing three of the Five Preconditions of Peak Performance.

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8 And Solomon said unto God, Thou. Southwest Airlines time management strategy has its roots in a dismal record registered in the past. Southwest airlines success: A case study analysis, BVIMR Management Egde, Vol.

4, No. 2; Brian Goff (), From the Ballfield to the Boardroom: Management Lessons from Sports Performance Management Government performance Balanced. If you’re looking for a good strategic management framework, you’ve most likely come across the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). It was created by Drs.

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Balanced scorecard and strategic analysis of southwest airlines essay
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