Capturing the beauty of flowers

I have shown you a near white peonythen there were the red peoniesbut these pink peonies against the black may be my all time favorite. Visit the club for details and registration. Tina Fussell Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates.

They have a certain attitude, a curl to the petal, stem or leaf, a beautiful pattern. Her commitment lies in sharing the beauty of nature with others in hopes of fostering a deeper Capturing the beauty of flowers of nature and a desire to protect the natural world. Most importantly, look for the beautiful light, a subject I will go into great depth in my presentation.

Look beyond the literal qualities of your subject to the more abstract qualities of line, form, mood, shape, color, patterns and texture. Good flower portraits require a good understanding of light, an ability to recognize it and how to manipulate it. This mindfulness in photography can be applied to any genre of photography, but I know that my fondness for macro photography grows out of a life-long love of seeing the details in nature, looking at the world up close.

We had no post processing, so we had to get it right in camera. I partially blame the weather in Denmark. I always spend a good deal of time looking and studying flowers before deciding a subject to photograph.

Terrariums Workshop at Granby Senior Center. I hope even today I can give each of you a little nudge to seek the beauty around you and perhaps… take a photo to remind you that while so many things around us are fading, there is so much beauty in it, too.

Although I would never turn back I think one thing that is important to bring with us to the digital age from this era is that purposefulness, that slowing down to compose correctly.

Something catches my eye that I know will translate into an interesting photograph with a story. Notify me of new comments via email.

Pink Peonies and Capturing Beauty

Contact center for information. Join other followers See Our Instagrams. Learning to see means slowing down, taking your time to stop and deliberately look at your subjects, whether they are flowers, plant life, architecture or landscapes.

Ellington Farmers Market, demonstration at the gazebo at the market, market opens at 9 am, demo begins at 10 am. I have been thinking a lot lately about the fact that I have suddenly become so bewitched with flowers. Grow Your Own Microgreens — Step by Step Process will be shown by Cathy Testa, who has been doing this process for 2 years now and held talks at many locations in Train your eye to notice details, look for interesting lines, sensuous curves.

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Every time I see them I will be reminded of the way they came tightly bound in brown paper, their fragrance, and the kindest man who brought them to me simply because he knew they were my favorite. Prior to moving to Denmark I rarely bought flowers and would more than likely have been heard saying that it was a waste to buy flowers that would die after a few days.

Upcoming Events Jan 24, Oct 22, Monday 7: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Visiting Powerscourt Gardens in Ireland, recently voted No. They are beautiful subjects for everyone from the amateur to the professional photographer, full of color, texture, patterns and personality, and they are readily available year-round.

We all know that light is one of the most essential elements to creating impactful photographs in all types of photography, and flower photography is no different.I am always captivated by the beauty and grace of flowers. Their allure and charm has no equal in my book. Flowers simply embody all that is romantic and poetic and in spring, tulips are the most colorful of all spring flowers.

Capturing the beauty of flowers. Little-Heart Crotons are one of the God’s beautiful creations. These plants are usually not that famous as other plant varieties in the CROTON category. InI opened Capturing Beauty Photography, which specializes in photography prints, wall art, and photo greeting cards featuring original fine art photographs of the ocean, waterfalls, trees, flowers, mountains, sunsets, and more.

Links. Kathleen's Creative Live classes: Creating Painterly Photographs. The Art of Flower Photography with Kathleen Clemons.

Capturing the Beauty of Flowers. Lensbaby Magic.

Capturing the beauty of flowers

Textures From Start to Finish. Interviews/Podcasts/Webinars. Macphun Software Webinar on using Tonality Pro. Capturing the Beauty of Flowers How to Be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer The Ultimate Guide to Landscape & Nature Photography. Capturing the Beauty of Flowers Class Flyer II It will be held (rain or sine) at The Garden Barn Nursery & Landscape on West Street in Vernon, CT.

To sign up Today, email Cathy Testa at [email protected], or call ()

Capturing the beauty of flowers
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