Composition of pennies using spectroscopy lab report

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Let this be a reminder, lest we ever forget. So they go to great lengths to abrade and grind the rear surfaces to look naturally rough.Determination of % Composition of Pennies Using Spectroscopy Essay Words | 3 Pages Determination of % Composition of Pennies Using Redox and Double Displacement (Precipitation) Reactions Introduction: Oxidation involves the gain of electrons of hydrogen or the loss of oxygen or decrease in oxidation state.

Photographs and descriptions of many samples of the element Silver in the Periodic Table. CHM Fall ATOMIC ABSORPTION Required Reading D.A.

Skoog, Principles of Instrumental Analysis, Fourth Edition, Ch the copper composition of two pennies will be determined from the calibration curve. Running other tests, such as lead or iron, are done just like it is for copper, absorbance in your lab manual. We will then make. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy of Metal Alloys Author: Jonathan Melville Graduate Student Instructor: Daniel Mortensen March 3, 1.

1 Purpose In this lab, we used Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) to analyze a speci c brass alloy, after performing calculations to determine the optimal values of several parame- percent composition.


Purpose: In this lab, we will determine the percent composition of a modern (post) penny by using a strong acid to react and dissolve the zinc core, leaving only the copper coating. Once only copper remains, we will compare its mass to the entire mass of the penny to determine how much of a penny is copper and how much is zinc.

Experiment on the analysis of copper in brass by uv visible spectroscopy 21, views. Share; Like; Download Mass of copper in the sample was calculated and was used to calculate the percentage of it in brass using spectroscopy. Page 8 of 9 Lab Report .

Composition of pennies using spectroscopy lab report
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