Fixed income quiz 1

Bonds A bond is an obligation or loan made by an investor to an issuer e. Understand the three theories of term structure: This means that even as the value of the Fixed income quiz 1 depreciates, the investor only receives the set coupons and principal so the bond is worth less in real terms.

A CSB carries no fees and is cashable at any time. To be successful, fixed-income traders must not only be skilled at evaluating specific investment opportunities; they must also be able to analyze and assess current market and economic conditions and trends.

Inheritance — Bequeath money to loved ones probate-free. Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing. They pay par value at maturity and are initially sold below face value These have coupon rates that increase over time at a specified rate The agreed upon price that a bond buyer pays to the seller, not including accrued interest The total amount paid by the bond buyer to the seller, including accrued interest A type of loan Fixed income quiz 1 which payments on the principal are not made, while interest payments or minimum payments are made regularly.

They grow over time and while any interest income is not payable until maturity, a nominal amount of interest is accrued each year and must be claimed as income by the purchaser for tax purposes.

Financing activities can include dividend payments or bond repurchases. Understand the basic differences of the U. Longer terms Fixed income quiz 1 higher rates.

If a bond offers a higher coupon rate than you can find in the market, you are going to be willing to pay a premium on the price, and the opposite is true for a coupon rate below the current market yield.

Retirement Income — Fixed annuities yield a monthly fixed income, which is invaluable for retirees. In turn, the issuer promises to repay the principal or face value of the bond on a fixed maturity date and to make regularly scheduled interest payments usually every six months.

Rates are biased as holding long-term maturity requires the premium and that a yield curve may have any shape because the size of the liquidity premium is positively related to investor risk aversion.

Fixed annuities are typically split into two categories: Understanding Yield Spreads An extremely important reading and the setup for many formulas in the Level 2 exam.

Some interest rate, prepayment, yield curve are extremely important and you will be seeing a lot of the curriculum focus on detail but you need to have an understanding of the basic factors within each. Zero coupon bonds have no reinvestment risk because they have no payments until maturity while amortizing securities have more risk because they pay off principal and interest.

Guaranteed Rate — The reason why fixed annuities are so popular, is because they carry a fixed interest rate for the number of years the contract states.

Remember, the full or dirty price is the agreed price plus all accrued interest. An upward-sloping curve indicates that there is less demand for short-term relative to long-term while a downward sloping curve would imply the opposite. Overview of Bond Sectors and Instruments This reading is of secondary importance and you really only need a basic idea of the seven sectors of the bond market and an overview of their characteristics.

The amount received for a CSB will never go below its face value if redeemed by the issuer, while the price received in the market for a conventional bond will depend on the level of interest rates at the time of sale.

Investing activities include items such as capital expenditures and sale of land. Gift money to an unlimited number of individuals. Good fixed-income traders are thus not going to be inclined to seek out high-risk, high-reward opportunities, but would be more inclined toward identifying the most solid investments.

Know what a coupon is and understand what happens to the price if the coupon rate is higher or lower than current market rates.

Each position in the portfolio is usually the same size as the next, with intervals between maturity dates roughly equal. Understand the three types of credit risk: Expressed as a number of years. Deferred fixed annuities earn substantially more than other money market instruments, like mutual funds and CDs, because of a compounded and totaled tax deferral.

Laddered Portfolio A laddered portfolio is comprised of several bonds, each of which has a successively longer term to maturity. Once the initial deposit is made, an interest rate is guaranteed for a specific length of time typically years.

Typical Fixed Annuity Features - vary with each individual product: Remember, all options have value and the value of this call feature will be more valuable as rates decrease. This might be a bit of a trick question, but it is designed to legitimately assess your suitability as a fixed-income trader.

They can be issued in local or foreign currencies. Understand the types of internal and external credit enhancements as well as the role of special purpose vehicles. These are basically the same as asset-backed debt but the backing for the bond is a diversified pool of different debts, i.

Common interview questions for fixed-income traders

Trading Center Want to learn how to invest? Very Low Risk — Money can only be lost if the insurance company becomes insolvent and your investment exceeds Annuity State Guaranty Limits. This section has a few formulas and is probably one of the more testable in the reading. A normal yield curveindicative of a solid or growing economy, reflects higher yields corresponding to longer maturities.fixed-income: adj.

Fixed Income Quiz

1.(financial) of investments that pay a constant rate of return. Word Search: (financial) of investments that pay a constant rate of return.

Word of the Day. Daily English Quiz. General English Quiz is daily dose of question and answers to keep your language knowledge conversant. fixed-cycle operation. fixed. Start studying Fixed Income Quiz #1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

> ECON E Quiz 1. ECON E Quiz 1. Subscribers only. The answer may locate at the end of this page. 1) Scenario The U.S. distribution of income shows that the top 20 percent of families have approximately what share of income?

What are Tommy’s Ties Company’s fixed costs? a.$ b.$ c.$ d.$. Fixed-income traders are most commonly employed in the investment banking industry, although they might also work for hedge funds, institutional investors or single corporations. Fixed-income.

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Fixed Income Annuities A fixed income annuity provides you, or you and your spouse, with guaranteed 1 income by turning a portion of your savings into a stream of income payments for the rest of your life or a set period of time.

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Fixed income quiz 1
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