Gcse coursework moderation

It is not possible for centres to offer both options for a unit within the same series, but you can choose different options for different units. Please ensure the address on the moderator label matches the address provided on the sample request.

It is such a shame that it should be this difficult for teachers.

Internal assessment

Notification of clerical errors — We have amended the internally assessed marks you provided, usually following an incorrect transcription or incorrect addition of the marks. Step 3 If there is significant disagreement on marks between the centre and moderator, we may need to scrutinise the work of more or all of the candidates, across either the whole mark range or part of it.

Before submitting their work for final assessment, candidates must sign a declaration of authentication, which must be included with their work. In some circumstances, we may need to request work from a centre.

I then discover he was meant to give me the unit infomation and has not.

Where a significant problem has not been rectified: For certain subjects, due to the nature of the work, an Edexcel moderator will visit your centre to moderate internal assessment. Please ensure you include a return address on the packaging, just in case there is a problem with the delivery.

External moderation Usually, internally assessed units are externally moderated. At this stage, centres may be required to resolve any issues the moderator discovers during the external moderation.

Maths moderation

The examiner told me that this was rubbish and so they are all contradiciting themselves. The moderator arranges a visit at a date and time convenient to both parties. They cannot take credit for work produced by another candidate within the group.


You can provide this annotation either in a summary on a cover sheet or by annotating the margin or text to flag up evidence, or a combination of both. On rare occasions, work can get lost in the postal system. Candidates can only be assessed on work that they have produced themselves.

Use of candidate work If work was posted to OCR for moderation or selected during visiting moderation, it will normally be returned to centres.sheet.

Moderation and internal assessment for General Qualifications

killarney10mile.com • Moderators visit schools/colleges to moderate the performance assessments (practical performance). • The moderator will not discuss marks with teachers/candidates or give feedback on the accuracy of marking within a school/college.

Schools/colleges will only find out the outcome of moderation on. Moderation and internal assessment for General Qualifications This page gives you some guidelines on marking internally assessed work, and explains how the moderation process works.

Read more. GCSE/ENG/MOD/CHECKLIST. GCSE English (ENG03), English Language (ENL03) and English Please refer to the document Instructions for submitting coursework marks and samples (CAW / INST) available from.

GCSE English Controlled assessment Moderation checklist Author: AQA Subject: GCSE English. Moderation review (service 3) When we review the moderation of a coursework or controlled assessment mark, we’ll check to make sure the assessment criteria were applied fairly, reliably and consistently.


In most current GCE, VCE, GCSE and GNVQ specifications, coursework comprises one or more defined tasks (either set by the awarding body or based on criteria defined by the awarding body) and is marked by centres.

A booklet to support pupils performing in rounders as a practical activity, as part of GCSE PE.

Gcse coursework moderation
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