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When these collections of the shell-molded chocolates are packed in one of the stylish package, they become appealing even to the most discerning customers in the market. Godiva chocolates have created two segment; corporate segment and affluent retail market.

Price In Europe, Godiva does not have much say in terms of setting up prices for their products. Conclusion and recommendations Godiva is one of the most prominent companies in the Godiva chocolatier swot industry.

Promotion strategy The aim of Godiva promotion message into the global and common campaign is to unify its advertising message. The company, once the brand is accepted in the market can go back to the word of mouth form of advertising.

These programs are exploited by corporate rewards, sales incentives, as well as recognition. Aside from the traditional use of its website as a mode of distribution Godiva chocolatier swot, Godiva features its chefs and their credentials to create brand resonance with their consumers.

Another form of advertising that Godiva can introduce is the Godiva Theater. Some of the varieties of products include white chocolate, fruitdark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate shakes, among other varieties.

The largest group for these products is found in London. To capture this world class group, the company offers a variety of packaging designs, which are artfully designed to fit the targeted people. The company has various options to consider, for example, to distribute the chocolate premium products aggressively across many channels.

Shell molding is mostly practiced in Europe and is used in manufacturing most of the Godiva chocolates. It helps a company identify segments with similar characteristics such as buying behavior Zonis, This will consequently increase the target market for Godiva products.

Customers through this promotion strategy can watch their chocolate products Godiva chocolatier swot through the glass viewing area, and they can, therefore, enjoy chocolate fresh made. This strategy is for helping in attracting more clients, as well as maintaining the existing ones.

The products are also available for online shopping to enable the customers shop from their homes. The target market of Godiva consists mostly of the world class or the rich since the chocolate products are expensive and are only affordable to the rich.

The other group in the corporate segment is for corporate incentives programs. Aspirational, Accessible, and Relevant While retaining the prestige and luxury image of the brand, Godiva aims to aspire, to be accessible and stay relevant to consumers. It is globally connected with a multicultural and international city states and towns and offers one of the best conducive environments globally to do business and for success driven industries.

The aim of this strategy is to decrease the investment in stores which in the past has been seen to negatively impact on returns of this company. In addition, the company sells other complementary products to these chocolates products which include Godiva ice cream, Godiva white chocolate liquor, among others.

Godiva company apart from offering exceptional products in terms of quality, it has a variety of packaging which attracts customers. The selection includes the company newly introduced chocolate products which include Nippon, Romaine, seventy two percent cocoa Demitasse, and Creole.

Godiva reached out to its consumers through its user-friendly virtual shop and disturbing its product in major grocery stores. In addition, the forecast shows that there will be an increase in the growth rate and; therefore, the economy is expected to pick up.

Product strategy Godiva chocolate shops and boutiques offer a wide variety of their super-premium selections chocolates products. Therefore, many customers are aware of the quality of the Godiva products, and, therefore, remain loyal to the company despite the increase in price.

For example, it offers a variety of products in its website to enable customers view the existing products and the latest products. For example, many customers require custom made products and package which the company is able to offer widely. According to the above analysis, this company is highly preferred by many lovers of chocolate in all the place its has set stores.

Some of the flavors include truffles, fresh creams, fruits, chocolate bars, caraques, among several others. Channels of distribution The company first decides to increase its distribution channels in London without necessary increasing its investment in actual stores.Transcript of Godiva Presentation.

Key Dates: Draps family begins making chocolate in Brussels, Belgium.

Godiva Chocolatier Swot

SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Efficient manufacturing Good Market shares Strong Reputation Skilled Workforce Poor Planning “Godiva Chocolatier and Godiva Gems” The product offered by. View Notes - STRATEGIC MARKETING FOR GODIVA CHOCOLATES from BUSINESS at University of Texas.

STRATEGIC MARKETING FOR GODIVA CHOCOLATES TABLE OF CONTENTS I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A. History of71%(7).  CASE STUDY ‘’ GODIVA CHOCOLATIER AND GODIVA GEMS’’ Godiva Chocolatier is a manufacturer of premium chocolates and related products.

Godiva, founded in Belgium inwas purchased by the Turkish Yıldız Holding, owner of the Ülker Group, on November 20, Godiva Chocolatier is a multinational Company that deals with manufacturing of premium chocolates and other products related to chocolates.

Godiva was founded inin Belgium, but later purchased by the Turkish Yildiz Holdings, the owner of Ulker Group. Although we would like to honor all requests, GODIVA Chocolatier receives hundreds of solicitations for donations and promotions annually and unfortunately, we cannot accommodate everyone.

As a result, we prioritize and make donations to select organization that we often partner with, as well as make donations to organizations. Godiva Chocolatier Swot Words | 12 Pages Introduction Godiva has for a long time now being among the leading corporations in its area of expertise, chocolate.

Godiva chocolatier swot
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