How to write a comment on facebook and get it posted

Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post: Exactly What to Post to Get Better Results

Historically speaking photos carry the greatest weight in the Edgerank algorithm on Facebook. Please do share in the comments! To get things looking exactly right with the link that you share, you can control the text and image by editing the open graph tags on your page. Track Social noticed the same effect in its study: Facebook currently looks at total number of likes and comments as a factor in whether or not to display a post in the News Feed.

Their findings suggest that link format trumps photos, and their guidelines point to a post type—status, photo, link, video—that fits the story. You can include a link in the custom text as well these are the links that fail to get the better click rate compared to link posts. Can you get more reach by posting at night and on the weekends?

No one likes a negative Nelly! It nails the elements of post type, length, and imagery. What type of a message can you fit into your post with so little space?

With this latest update, another consideration will be when those likes and comments occur. A perfect Facebook post is part of a consistent sharing strategy Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster analyzed data on 8, Facebook pages data courtesy of AgoraPulse to identify how brands were impacted by the apparent drop in organic reach.

I went looking for answers and came across a heap of best practices and examples of what goes into a perfect Facebook post. It would seem the best results will come from links. And how can you publish one and not the other? The character intro is more of a teaser, supplemented by the text in the link itself.

So what does a link post look like compared to a photo post?

Over the years many experts have weighed in on what "works" on Facebook. Facebook posts especially—given the dramatic dip in reach —can feel like a mystery. Kim Garst is probably one of the best when it comes to posting positive related pictures: Facebook is making this update in two ways: Link posts that use the built-in Facebook link format receive twice as many clicks compared to links typed into a photo update.

What works for your page may not work for mine. They came away with some intriguing stats more than 70 percent of pages had a 30 percent or more decline in organic reach and some best practices from the handful of pages that are succeeding.

Here are a couple examples: How do you create the perfect Facebook post? That said, I want to share with you 7 tips for writing awesome Facebook posts that should help you get more engagement from your fans and tribe.7 No-brainer Tips to Write an Awesome Facebook Post.

by Scott Ayres. I want to share with you 7 tips for writing awesome Facebook posts that should help you get more engagement from your fans and tribe. 1. Ask a Question. I often use "Click Like if you agree and Comment if you don't" -- or something to that effect.

The five main ingredients in a perfect Facebook post that can help you get more reach, engagement, clicks, and comments. Posts at this length tend to receive a higher like rate and comment rate—in other words, The successful pages in this study posted at least once a day, creating an expectation among its fans of consistent, quality.

Sep 11,  · How to Write Good Status Updates on Facebook Facebook isn't in its infancy anymore and your status updates shouldn't be either! It's time to get savvy about writing status updates that intrigue, interest, and inspire your friends and anybody else who can glimpse K.

Commenting Basics. How do I comment on something I see on Facebook? To comment on something: Click Comment under the post or in the white box that says Write a comment. Type your comment. Press enter or return to publish it.

When you post something on Facebook. All stories shared on Facebook about comments posted using the comments plugin will link to this URL.

Current URL. mobile. You can setup webhooks to have a script on your server notified when a new comment is posted.

To get started: Go to your App Dashboard; Facebook for Developers Page. Follow us. About. Create Ad. Careers. Because people get reminded of birthdays on Facebook, it’s pretty easy to pop on over to your friend’s Timeline and write a quick “Happy Birthday!” in honor of his day.

Unlike the posts you write for your own Timeline, you don’t have specific privacy controls on the posts you leave on friends’ Timelines.

How to write a comment on facebook and get it posted
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