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Plagiarism Thirdly, plagiarism has been of major concern in academic writing. An on-screen status box will let you know when to begin ifsp votuporanga academic writing, how much time remains, and when the recording time is up. Self Ifsp votuporanga academic writing and Expert Voice The second key issue in academic writing is authorial voice that can be categorized into self voice and expert voice.

The purpose of this section is to give you an opportunity to show admissions officers a little ifsp votuporanga academic writing your personality. Therefore, faculty members should play a role as a critical peer or partner.

Keep practicing until you feel completely confident about what you will say. He is currently sitting on an editorial board member of numerous refereed international journals e.

This ability assists students to take an authorial stance toward a particular argument or view. Without a sufficient critical thinking skill, students cannot express grounded authorial voice. These tones of positioning are the key to building writerly voice or identity.

Handoyo Puji Widodo, currently working on a PhD in language materials development at the University of Adelaide, has published edited books and presented his work at international conferences.

When composing scholarly articles, students need to strike a balance between self voice and expert voice in order to take a solid authorial stance toward a certain line of arguments articulated by well regarded authors.

For this reason, this article highlights five key issues in academic writing that faculty members need to incorporate into their academic writing program whose goal is to help students write scholarly articles. If it does not, then either you will run out of time while you are still speaking, or you will finish too soon, and have to sit in uncomfortable silence until the recording ends.

Feedback can be carried out through a one-to-one feedback dialog between a teacher and a student as well as a teacher-to-class conference between a teacher and groups of students. The ability to critically think helps students unpack and make meaning of text; in a way, they can construct and deconstruct ideas to make intended meaning clear to their audience.

The use of wide-ranging linguistic resources includes varieties of words and sentence patterns grammarand critically grounded writing is activity that expresses critical ideas supported by a line of expert voice grounded voice.

Are you conveying the impression you want? It also shapes how writers articulate ideas that demonstrate originality or novelty. Thus, critical thinking is seen as a socio-cognitive practice involving intrapersonal between a reader and her or his own mind and interpersonal between a reader and text.

At the lexical level, students need to know word choices and collocations—certain words collocate. For this reason, they can make use of different corpora e.

Needless to say, Indonesian students unfamiliar with this task are socio-cognitively and psychologically burdened by the task.

Linguistic Resources The fourth key issue in academic writing is linguistic resources defined as language realizations through the manipulation or use of lexis words and syntax grammar in context. If you can, record yourself and listen to your delivery. Your aim should be to sound naturally confident, not rehearsed.

Solid authorial voice can be achieved by the use of varied linguistic resources and critically grounded writing. Analytical feedback touches on idea sufficiency, depth, and breadth; idea originality or novelty; idea coherence; rhetorical moves idea organization ; idea cohesion; and proper use of linguistic resources.


There has been a perceived increase in plagiarism over recent years, due in part to issues raised by the new media, a diverse student population and the rise in English as a lingua franca. It includes much of the key literature on the topic, and its use of empirical evidence to support its argument is particularly valuable.

Additionally, it is used to verify your identity by the institutions that receive your scores. These issues should be incorporated into academic writing programs at tertiary institutions. Handoyo Puji Widodo Discipline of Linguistics, University of Adelaide Introduction Academic writing is a complicated task that involves cognitive process mind interaction and social activity interpersonal interaction.

It has also recently been a national issue on a tertiary institution level in Indonesia. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. Critical thinking is also defined as the ability to present, synthesize, and develop these ideas cogently and coherently.

You will not be able to read a prepared speech, but if you have practiced what you want to say, you will sound confident and natural. In academic writing, lexical and syntactic resources are bound to context.

Thus, both critical thinking and authorial voice are inextricably intertwined. These key issues include 1 critical thinking, 2 authorial voice—self voice and expert voice, 3 plagiarism, 4 linguistic resources, and 5 feedback—role of a critical peer or partner.

The best ways to enrich linguistic resources are doing extensive reading, carrying out a corpus oriented survey, and looking unknown words up in a reliable dictionary. I argue that a wide range of linguistic resources as well as critically grounded writing facilitate critical thinking and authorial voice.

One form of an academic writing task is writing scholarly articles in English, which has recently been a passport to being accepted as a member into a particular academic community of practice CoP or getting promoted a job promotion.

You should know what you are going to say before you arrive at the testing center. To help students avoid plagiarizing, faculty members should provide sufficient academic writing training and guidelines detailing the nature of plagiarism as well as equipping students with sufficient language training e.It showcases your academic and personal qualities and verifies your in-school progress.

Put time and efforts in it - do not neglect the steps above, and you will be right on a way to the dream University. Get the best academic assistance possible while writing a college admission essay today. Get an Essay Help. Huge 33% Discount On All. Five Key Issues in Academic Writing: Writing Scholarly Articles in English Handoyo Puji Widodo (Discipline of Linguistics, University of Adelaide) Introduction.

Corrections on Grammar, Sentence Variety and Developing Detail to Qualify Academic Essay Dinamika Ilmu, Volume 17 (1), 2.

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It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. About Academic Writing in Context. This volume explores a number of themes of current interest to those engaged in researching and teaching academic genres: the social and cultural context of academic writing; differences between the academic and non-academic text; the analysis of particular text types; variation within and across disciplines; and applications of theory in the teaching of writing.

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