Law as an instrument of social

This led to the formation of larger social solidarity and people began to feel as a nation. Many legislative enactments, administrative rulings, and judicial decisions reflect the power configurations in society.

One question that punctuated my soul searching for the purpose of a legal practitioner in Nigeria was: We even examples of laws meant to do good to the society having failed.

So, whenever anything is done in its favour, it cheerfully accepts the offer. In the Third World, Turkey is the most revealing example. If proper laws are not in place, women and poor people will continue to be exploited and abused.

Many sociologists and legal scholars assert on the basis of a large amount of accumulated data that technology is Law as an instrument of social of the great moving forces for change in law in three ways: Therefore, the judges should adopt purposive interpretation of the dynamic concepts of the Constitution and the Act with its interpretative armoury to articulate the felt necessities of the time.

Introduction The law regulates the social interests, arbitrates conflicting claims and demands security of persons and property of the people and is an essential function of the state. Reciprocity between law and social change At the beginning of industrialization and urbanization in Europe, Bentham expected legal reforms to respond quickly to new social needs and to restructure society.

Reservations in jobs and freedom in the choice of vocations have encouraged vertical mobility of many families, irrespective of their caste of class affiliations.

The factors that are a barrier to change are separated into social, psychological, cultural, and economic factors and all are interdependent. When legal judgements aim at reforming the system, a wave of positive social change is initiated.

Socialization helps one to release stress and other mental problems. Landmark legislations worldwide which have been effectively implemented ensure that social change becomes a reality.

It seems that laws on important drives are more difficult to apply than those on less compelling drives. This has also changed the family composition as daughters and sons have been made equal even in the matter of in heritance. It includes any written or positive rule or collection of rules prescribed under the authority of the state or nation or by the people in its constitution.

The European society today greatly owes its form and colour to the law. Later Dharmashastras and Government further consolidated these changes. A country can change for the better only if lawmakers are there to initiate meaningful change in a positive direction.

Examples are laws asserting equality for blacks which were not accepted by whites for many generations. Law, far from being a reflection of social reality, is a powerful means of accomplishing reality — that is, of fashioning it or making it.

The social impact of the crime, e. In the domain of intrafamily relations, urbanization, with its small apartments and crowded conditions, has lessened the desirability of three-generation families in a single household.

Thus, law should sub serve social purpose. The critics opine that merely the enactment of laws and even their enforcement, has limited impact on the society.This article examines why groups seeking social reform in the United States (and elsewhere) commonly have resorted to litigation, and whether (and how) court-made law is an instrument of social reform.

Law can be an instrument of social change

Law can be an instrument of social change Introduction Law is an important mechanism for regulating society. It also brings about amazing social change. India is a country of contradictions. Lavish buildings exist alongside slums and even the most advanced cities in our country have problems such as rising crime rates and poverty.

By Lon L. Fuller, Published on 05/01/ If the law is to play its allotted role of serving the needs of the society, it must reflect the ideas and ideologies of that society.

It must keep time with the heartbeats of the society and with the needs and aspirations of the people. As the society changes, the law cannot remain immutable. Social Change Social change refers to an alteration in the social order of a society. Social change may include changes in nature, social institutions, social behaviors, or social relations.

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The base of social change is change in the thought process in humans. • Law can be said to be an instrument for social engineering in different ways, first; as a means of trying to control human behavior with the emphasis of law., secondly; and also to predict the actions of people in the relation to commit crime.

Law as an instrument of social
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