Left handwriting analysis

No initial stroke and connected to the following letter: It has been eliminated and replaced by a filiform stroke. What does your handwriting say about you and Handwriting Interpretation: If letters are small: That is why the expression of placing the dots on the Is is applied to indicate that the ones who used dots where meticulous and perfectionists.

No initial stroke and disconnected: What your handwriting reveals: Usually, the seeds of such personality traits, such as the tendency to remain emotionally distant, are sown in the childhood. Thursday, November 22, Left handers and Handwriting Analysis- Is there something distinctive here?

Day 1 – Slant in Handwriting

In regularity, shape, exactitude, as well as the diversity of shapes in which they are located. In a left hander who writes t-bars from right to left, this feathering will appear on the left end left handwriting analysis the t-bar, not the right.

Left handwriting analysis contact with reality, mysticism, avoids problems, does not get involved with whatever that requires effort. Fighting spirit, obstinacy, vanity.

Imagination overflow, expansion, credulity. Far ahead dot that overtakes the next letter: Increases as the text moves forward.

It indicates fear, anguish, repression, lack of trust in himself, slowness in thinking, excessive reflection before concreting, inability for improvisation, fear to the unknown and risk, lymphatic temper.

While some left-handers due to the grip they use, might tend to start from the top most point in the letter "A" and go down, lift the pen, go up and complete the stroke.

Print and Cursiveand follow us on Facebook. If a stroke looking like this was written from left to right the meaning would be quite different. What does the absence of the dot mean? The mother is the first contact that the child has with the outer world.

Marginsgrant a frame to written text and limit the graphical conduct of the individual and impede that he is affected from anything coming from the outside right margin: Shyness, held back, introversion. No left — big right: Shape Letter i in Handwriting Analysis.

Caution, prudence, tendency to stop the subconscious impulses that get him closer to others, to give affection, to socialize. We must consider the graphism as a whole.

Dots and Accents Letter i in Handwriting Analysis. It is measured from the final stroke to the border of the sheet of paper.

So when all is said and done, there may be some indications if you look closely enough, that writing was done by a left hander. It represents the emotional and psychological stabilityof the individual regularity of the left margin.

On the contrary, when we advance on this margin without control, it reflects impulsiveness and lack of self-control. The fact of finishing a page and looking for another one to continue may subconsciously cause a certain opposition.

The dots and accents in letters i and j are identified as symbols of attention. Desire to provoke a sensation of extravagance, egocentrism, snobbism, pedantry. Straightness, simplicity, rational thinking, little materialism. Extroversion, sociability, precipitation, aggression in order to defend himself from the pressure of the environment.

Slyness, diplomacy, reserve, simulation. Left handed people are for sure a rarity in this world. In this margin we find the subconscious of the individual. Reflexive letters are the ones that, due to their structure and location in the graphical space, evoke psychological signs and symbols that indicate physical states or certain behaviors.

Handwriting slant reveals why some people show no emotion

The saving of paper means that the individual prioritizes in a practical sense before the esthetic. Irregular or zig-zag right margin does not touch the border of the sheet of paper On the positive side: Sense of saving and economy, caution, shyness, introversion, attachment to family.Day 1 – Slant in Handwriting.

Jordon Iconic March 6, I always knew they used handwriting analysis for forgery, but never knew it revealed personality. I was kind of freaked out wondering what the analysis would say about me.

my printing slants slightly to the left but I can decide of whim to slant to the right and it takes a.

Can You Tell If a Person Is Left-Handed by Their Handwriting?

Letter i in Handwriting Analysis. Evaluating if the dot of the letter i is placed on the right or the left of the downstroke shows if the personality is introverted or extroverted, the degree of decision and indecision and hesitation on carrying out projects.

Mar 28,  · Left handers, contrary to popular belief, do not write with a left hand slant any more often than right handers do. And if you decide to change your writing, one of the best possible ways to do so.

Graphology Analysis: Margins

Left Handed Writers Does it make a difference to analyzing writing if the writer is left handed? Answer: yes and no! Read on The commonest misconception about left handed writers is that they all write backhand. This is just not true. A left hander may well write with what looks like a very awkward position [ ].

Graphology Analysis: Margins: Left Margin From the psychological point of view, the inner world is organized in the first year of life. The mother is the first contact that the child has with the outer world. The Lowdown on Handwriting Analysis regardless of whether one is right-or left-handed, follows a predictable pattern.

it is slanted .

Left handwriting analysis
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