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Credit, too, goes to director Tom Hooper and screenwriter David Seidler, who himself conquered a stutter and was inspired by the king.

The King's Speech – review

Add your rating See all kid reviews. They have created characters so rich that they compel viewers to rush to the Web for some post-viewing research. Why might filmmakers change some details in a fact-based story? But in this film based on true events, the king finally finds an ally in Lionel Logue Geoffrey Rushan Australian speech therapist who helps Bertie gain the confidence and will to overcome his fears and let his voice be heard, literally and metaphorically.

Share via Email Stammer horror This is where Lionel Logue comes in — a bullish Australian with bohemian manners and shabby premises on Harley Street. How does the movie portray stuttering and those who suffer from it?

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Spectacle must not be replaced by dead air. It is his first public appearance, required to speak through a microphone to vast crowds at the empire exhibition at Wembley stadium, and via live radio to the nation.

Does it seem realistic and believable? But where she had to smarten up and talk proper, George VI formerly the Duke of York, always known as "Bertie" has to move in the other direction: The movie makes history and self-help irresistible.

The nation needs a king who can rally the forces of good in a clear, inspiring voice. Do you think the movie portrays them accurately? As well as the three leads, there are two tremendous supporting turns: Continue reading Show less Is it any good? He is a failed actor who is everywhere patronised as a colonial, especially by the toffee-nosed English theatrical types for whom he still hopefully auditions.

Are they positive role models?

As well as this, the movie is an intriguing, if slightly loaded new perspective on the abdication crisis of What about integrity and humility?

Meanwhile, the abdication means poor, stuttering Bertie has to shoulder the ultimate burden while "Herr Hitler" is whipping up the stormclouds of war.

These characters are performed with pure theatrical gusto by Colin Firth as the miserably afflicted monarch, Geoffrey Rush as the twinkly eyed speech coach and Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen who has to learn to like Logue by overcoming her own snobbery — which she incidentally never troubles to disguise as shyness.

His stammer means he can hardly get a word out, and the nation cringes with embarrassment. But even before he ascended the throne, he was a man struggling with a persistent and troubling condition: Gambon has two great scenes as George V:Dec 15,  · "The King's Speech" tells the story of a man compelled to speak to the world with a stammer.

It must be painful enough for one who stammers to speak to another person. To face a radio microphone and know the British Empire is listening must be terrifying. At the time of the speech mentioned in this title, a quarter of the Earth's 4/4.

The King's Speech – review The movie cleverly casts a new light on the dysfunctional tremor at the heart of Britain's royal family, and cheekily suggests there was. Read Common Sense Media's The King's Speech review, age rating, and parents guide.

Superb drama about overcoming fears is fine for teens. Read Common Sense Media's The King's Speech review, age rating, and parents guide.

THE KING'S SPEECH is the reason the movie ratings system is ineffective. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a movie. A powerful back story does not necessarily improve a movie, but The King's Speech has a pretty irresistible one. It might even end with a dramatic night at the Oscars in February%.

Dec 16,  · Watch video · The story of King George VI of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it 8/10(K).

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Movie review the kings speech
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