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Even, those who claim to belong to first world have to depend upon the third world countries for a better market and manpower. So, the main point is that nowhere in the description lies any factor that makes a particular race better than others.

Diversity is the essence of evolution. It opens up the mind and diminishes the boundaries defined by set of authoritarians.

There are various cultures and religions that are followed in the present society set up. In the modern world the international boundaries are already shrinking. The base line is to warmly embrace the diverse cultures and religions and their teachings prevalent in the world.

On a scientific basis the colour of the skin depends upon the geographical and environmental factors.

Short Essay on Diversity

Hence discrimination on any basis is unjustified and unacceptable. In turn, all the modern facilities and exposure to development is best in the developed countries only. And in deeper introspection, it is the pigment melanin that determines the colour of skin.

The oil and gasoline needs are satiated by the gulf countries. It will help to improvise the human race as a whole and will lead towards a better future for generations to follow.

It is the followers or the conservatives who modify the teachings according to their maligned thoughts. Diversity is eminent in nature. And as stated earlier, diversity is an essence of the existence. It is the imminent duty of the older generation to understand and teach their younger ones the importance and acceptance of diversity present around.

In his infinite wisdom, he created people of all colours and creeds. No religion spread the message of hatred or communalism. The increasing trade among the countries and the outsourcing of jobs is an example.

Mutual collaboration among all parts of the world is mandatory. Therefore it becomes imperative to respect and greet the great variation present around.The Importance and Benefits of Diversity. May 14, By Sarah Tenas BRONZE, National Essay Contest; or if you need to report.

Report- Dimensions of Diversity; Report- Dimensions of Diversity. Words Sep 23rd, 7 Pages. Report on Cultural Diversity Essay Words | 7 Pages + Popular Essays.

Analyse your contribution to the selection process. Dimension of Diversity Race and/or gender are not the definition of diversity. Diversity is all of us and how we are so different.

To better understand diversity it can be broken down into four different dimensions and classifications. Why Diversity Matters diversity, and demonstrate progress towards measurable diversity goals. Academic institutions seek diversity in the broadest sense and across the broadest spectrum of definitions.

We must embrace diversity not as a set of itself has many dimensions, cultural and financial). Our focus now is also on building a. Short Essay on Diversity Dr. Meenakshi Advertisements: Report Spelling and Grammatical Errors; Suggestions.

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Cultural Diversity matters to every single one of us, both.

Report dimensions of diversity essay
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