Revising essays lesson plans

This checklist provides new writers with specific suggestions ranging from grammatical accuracy to reaching an intended audience. If needed, probe the students with the questions: There are many comments and editing opportunities to consider. Instructional Procedures Focus Question: It was time to go back to basics.

Part 2 When the groups have completed their editing, students are now ready to write the final draft. Explain that they should make major revisions first—e. Explain the purpose of the peer editing process: This time they will have the notes from their partner and their original writing.

Be detailed; refer to the specifics of your essay a lot. Students will use strategies for revising and editing their work.

Rethink, Revise, Rewrite

After students make revisions, reassemble the groups and have them share. Display the following words by writing them on a whiteboard or displaying them on a poster: Read the sample text together, with a focus on replacing vague words or descriptions with more vivid and precise options.

I need to give more examples of how the problem has been solved in the past, and failed. Do not include grammar, spelling or punctuation as part of the revision plan.

What is the purpose of the body of an essay, middle of a narrative, or middle of a news article? What should writers include in the body of an essay?

Monitor the groups to ensure that they make good progress.

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The writer should build toward an end, informing the reader of specific details or developing ideas presented in the opening. Like I said earlier, those things come during the proofreading stage, which should occur after you revise. How can legislators be convinced?

Distribute a prepared index card to each student. Students may be encouraged to publish their narratives online. And fixing grammar and spelling and punctuation should take place AFTER you revise] This revision plan better shows me that the writer is taking general rhetorical principles and applying them to the specific assignment.

Divide students into groups of three to four. Tell the students that the word constructive means that something is useful and helpful. Ask students to read a magazine or newspaper article written for fifth grade students. Remind students that this is the process of revising. Choose two or three students to read both their rough draft and their final draft.

The writer should maintain momentum by getting rid of unnecessary words. Students should also have their completed graphic organizers for reference. Anyone could write out these tasks. Introduce the process of peer editing.

Trick them into discussing the following: I also need to set off a couple of long quotes of more than four lines. Video playback may not work on all devices.

Assessment Ask the students to complete the assessment worksheet Proof the Paragraph. Discuss ways that students can give feedback that is constructive, kind, and specific. They are not specific and do not refer to the specific essay.

Where would examples, illustrations, or anecdotes clarify ideas or make a point? If you feel that students have too many edits to make based on so much feedback, divide the process into two rounds of revisions, one that focuses solely on your suggestions from the end of the last lesson, and one that incorporates their peer edits from this lesson.

Continue with the process of editing for punctuation and spelling. Instruct students to write rough drafts on one side of the paper only, double-spaced.

Prompting Revision through Modeling and Written Conversations

I admit I need more focused research on the history of the problem.Revising Essays Lesson Plans. Rethink, Revise, Rewrite Lesson Plan Selected piece of student writing for use with teacher modeling.

Lesson 34: Revising expository essays

(This could be a sample of student writing, either from one of your students or nbsp. Revising the Narrative Essay. Options.

Printer Friendly Version; Email; Grade Levels. and are not required for this lesson plan.

Revising Writing Lesson Plans

copies of the Narrative Essay Revising and Editing Guidelines (LW_Revising and Editing Now you will use the Narrative Essay Revising and Editing Guidelines to review what you have. Seeing the unfocused writing of my students, I knew I had work to do.

Teaching revision in the writing process isn't easy. I had to devise a lesson plan that helped students make the middle of their essays clear and concise. Using the skills of revising and editing, this lesson incorporates the process of peer editing conferences into the revision and editing processes.

Students will expand their editing and revision skills via peer editing conferences. Drafting and Revising Essays (Grades ) Student Reproducible; DIRECTIONS Directions: 1. Lead a discussion on the writing process. Emphasize the importance of a logical sequence, descriptive writing, attention to detail, and inclusion of key elements.

Tell students to let their personalities show in their writing. Students revise their expository essays for the culminating writing task.

Revising essays lesson plans
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