The music of dolphins

Living in the house with her is another feral child, Shay. In the end, this beautiful and poignant novel proves that family and home can come in all forms, as Mila returns to the sea to live freely with her dolphin family.

Later he tells Mila that Dr. Soon, Mila finds her newfound knowledge slipping away and becomes more dolphin again. A janitor at the facility where Mila is kept. The only person that seems to understand her is Justin, Dr. Doctor Troy and Doctor Peach: He reminds Mila of her grandfather.

When she is first found, Mila does not speak any human language, and only makes dolphin sounds. Homesick and depressed, Mila regresses, losing her facility with human language from lack of interest. A friend of Mila, a little girl. However, the two fall in love in the climax of the story.

She sometimes acts as a caregiver of Mila, who finds Sandy to be the most sympathetic and understanding person in the story.

The ones that raise Mila. However, Shay soon regresses and shuts down into herself, while Mila continues to learn language and finds a deep love and connection to music. Colleagues of Doctor Beck, who also help with Mila and Shay learn about music and the English language. He appears to be afraid of Mila, though he openly expresses concern for her well-being when she develops a high fever.

For a while, Shay seems to progress, speaking a limited vocabulary and laughing and playing with Mila. Beck, Mila learns to speak and act more like a human. A friend of Dr. The protagonist of the story, a girl raised by dolphins.

She requests to be released back to the ocean and after some discussing among her caregivers, she returns to the ocean and reunites with her dolphin family. Severely abused and neglected, Shay never developed language skills because she was kept locked in a dark room.

The text moves to simple English as Mila learns the language, becomes more complex as her emotions increase, reverts to simple English when she yearns for the dolphins and, finally, goes back to third person.

Mila is discovered by humans on an island near Cuba. Characters[ edit ] Mila: Under the tutelage of her doctors, Sandy and Dr.

Although the novel is fictionit is based on real life experiences of people who have worked with feral children. She is taken to a special rehabilitation center for undersocialized children who do not have language skills. The format of the book changes, the font growing larger and sentences becoming shorter as Mila struggles to return to the dolphins.The Music of Dolphins has 5, ratings and reviews.

Josiah said: Simply put, this is one of the greatest books I have ever read. Karen Hesse's ingen /5. After rescuing an adolescent girl from the sea, researchers learn she has been raised by dolphins and attempt to rehabilitate her to the human world. Karen Hesse’s The Music of Dolphins, published intells the story of Mila, a feral child raised by dolphins and rehabilitated by humans.

Told. The book The Music of Dolphins is an amazing story about a girl named Mila.

The Music of Dolphins

When she was young, she and her mom and brother were flying on an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean when the plane they were flying in crashed on an island off the coast of Florida/5(51).

A stunning novel about a 'wild girl' who is discovered swimming with the dolphins, and the story of people's attempts to make her truly human. Mila creates headlines around the world when she is rescued from an unpopulated island off the coast of Florida.

Now a teenager, she has been raised by dolphins from the age of four. Researchers teach Mila language and music.4/5(24). As moving as a sonnet, as eloquently structured as a bell curve, this book poignantly explores the most profound of themes--what it means to be human.

The narrator, Mila, is discovered by the Coast Gu.

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The music of dolphins
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