The syrian civil war crisis and the need to exterminate terrorist groups in syria

Manar TV in Lebanon reported that the aircraft had been shot down by Syrian forces, citing Syrian security sources. On 12 Julynews reports suggested that Syrian authorities might be in the process of moving elements of their chemical weapons stockpile away from conflict areas to improve their security.

Or is it that ordinary citizens are paying the price of the rich and powerful destroying the dictatorships for commercial benefit?

2# List of armed groups in the Syrian Civil War | October 2016

He also called on the Syrian opposition to unify. It is time to learn some lessons. On 26 JunePresident Assad declared that Syria was in a "state of war" and directed the newly appointed Syrian government to focus all of its efforts on subduing the uprising.

Reports also continued of covert movement of military materiel to Syrian opposition forces. Defecting military units had already formed themselves into the Free Syrian Army in July Evidence of divisions and disunity within rebel ranks came to light during the prolonged ISIS offensive deep into Deir az-Zor province; some groups e.

On 7 Augustthe Iranian government sent a message to the United States through the US foreign interests section at the Swiss Embassy in Tehran saying that the US had responsibility for the 48 Iranians and that any harm that came to them would be on their hands.

As in the case of the incident in Houla, both the Syrian opposition and the Syrian government blamed the other side for committing the atrocities. Previously, the Red Cross had regarded only the areas around the troubled towns of Idlib, Homs, and Hama as civil-war zones.

First, among the main reasons for its existence are the crimes of Assad. The consultation meeting was held on 25 June and on 26 June Turkey announced that Syria had become an "open threat" to the country.

Syria: The Roots of Civil War

That plan had originally outlined a planned transition to an interim leadership followed by elections. Independant observers speculated that the aircraft might have been a Turkish RF-4E attempting to conduct a reconnaissance mission over Syria based on the units stations at the air base where the aircraft had departed from.

Numerous reports suggested that President Assad, his family, and other members of his inner circle had already fled the capital for the coastal city of Latakia.

Western critics and United Nations officials suggested that the veto had been interpreted by the Syrian authorities as a blank check to continue its crackdown.

In Marchopponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad called for international supporters to arm their uprising against Damascus. The effort involved Turkish ships and aircraft and Syrian ships.

Northern Storm recently asked Jaysh Muhammad to leave Azaz, which has now culminated in a full withdrawal of the group as its leader headed off to Latakia. As Syrians, we have experienced this horror on a daily basis for the past five years in the form of barrel bombs, regular massacres and sieges within cities perpetrated by the Assad regime.

Joint Special Envoy Kofi Annan had also arrived for scheduled meetings with Syrian authorities as the latest crisis unfolded and left Syria on 30 May without securing any major steps from the Syrian government to implement his faltering peace plan for the country.

The Arab League was expected to pass a resolution calling for Syria to implement the Annan Plan, but without any formal calls for Assad to leave his post.

The biggest losers in the ensuing scramble for power and influence are undoubtedly FSA-banner rebels, particularly those like the SRF who trusted in Jabhat al-Nusra as a fellow native Syrian brand.

Later on 20 Julythe Security Council did renewed the mandate of United Nations observers tasked with monitoring the cessation of violence in Syria and announced continued support for the full implementation of the international peace plan put forward to end the ongoing crisis.

This was later confirmed in a statement broadcast by Al-Jazeera, in which Fares also called on his colleagues and others to join him.

On 15 May3 vehicles belonging to a convoy of UN observers in Syria were damaged in a bomb blast near the city of Hama, but no one was injured.

A similar situation on a smaller scale occurred during the Arab Spring months. The failure of the international community to solve the Syrian crisis at a much earlier stage meant radical groups had space to grow within the chaos.

The crisis left four million people inside the country in need of humanitarian assistance, and it was estimated that up to a million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries will need help during the first half of Similarly, parsing terrorist attacks from the high volume of violence generated by Syria’s civil war is nearly impossible.

Major car bombings and the assassinations of. Letters: The failure of the international community to solve the Syrian crisis at a much earlier stage meant radical groups had space to grow within the chaos.

The Syrian Civil War is arguably the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War, with over a quarter million killed, roughly the same number wounded or missing, and half of Syria’s Three and a half years into the Syrian civil war, Extremist Groups in Syria By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi | Sep 7, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Middle East Institute, which expressly does not take positions on.

Syria: The Roots of Civil War. I’ll grant you that the Syrian response to ISIS and other groups has been heavy-handed. Using military power to exterminate ISIS in Iraq and Syria means that we will set up a paradigm of continual ISIS movement and evermore ISIS recruiting in more countries.

How Isis exploits the civil war in Syria

What caused Syria’s civil war? Share August 16, By Revd. and many benefitted from the Lebanese Civil War through establishing smuggling rings and black markets across the Syrian-Lebanese border – with the support of many of those in power; this was the beginning of the awful corruption that has infected Syria.

The syrian civil war crisis and the need to exterminate terrorist groups in syria
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